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4. Test Brekeke PBX Redundancy


  1. Set up and start Brekeke PBX Auto Sync on both primary and secondary servers
  2. Set up and start mirroring on both primary and secondary server
  3. Set up and start heartbeats on both primary and secondary server
  4. Register UAs to virtual IP address or router global IP which Brekeke PBX are behind
  5. Make failover happen by shut down primary server or unplug primary server ethernet cable or stop primary Brekeke PBX from admintool


  • From command line, check if the virtual IP has been added to secondary server
  • Access Brekeke PBX from virtual IP address, at login page, the lincense ID shows secondary server license number.
  • On secondary server Brekeke PBX bundled SIP Server status page, secondary server’s [mirroring-role] changes into primary
  • When failover happens, the ARS rules which are running on primary server before will update automatically, register and run on secondary server.
  • If there are established calls when failover happens, these calls’ sessions can not be kept on secondary server, calls drop and need to make calls again and call requests will be sent to secondary server.
  • If register more UAs, the register requests will be sent to secondary server


  • Make sure only secondary server PC has VIRTRUAL IP before starting up previous primary server PC or Brekeke PBX or plugging in ethernet cable to previous primary server.
  • After failover, previous secondary server can be used as primary server and set previous primary sever as new secondary server.
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