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ARS (Automatic Route Selection)

Brekeke PBX automatically selects the optimum call route from the preset routing options. This feature can be used for Least Cost Routing, traffic management and load balancing of VoIP Gateways or PBXs.


From Brekeke PBX v3.1.x, by clicking [View] in the ARS route list’s [Status (Reg/Route)] column, the details of an active ARS route can be displayed. An ARS rule can also be edited by clicking the ARS route name. If the ARS rule is a template with the [Template] field checked, you can click [Edit Template] on the [Variable Setting] page to change the template setup and the variables’ setups for each route under the template.


In Brekeke PBX MT Edition, the tenant name needs to be set for any ARS rule that will be used exclusively by a specific tenant. The tenant name is set in the ARS rule > [General] > [Tenant] field.

By assigning a tenant name in ARS rules for inbound calls, Brekeke PBX MT Edition will associate inbound calls with this tenant and will route inbound calls to the proper tenant extensions.


By assigning a tenant name in the ARS rules for outbound calls, Brekeke PBX MT Edition will look for the ARS route for this tenant, determine who the caller is and then route the call to the destination set for this tenant. If no tenant name is assigned in the ARS outbound route, the route will apply to calls from any tenant.



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