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Developer's Guide: ARS Plug-in



This plug-in interface provides enhancements on ARS Route Search functionality of Brekeke PBX. You will need to use the Java programming language to create your own plug-in.

ARS Route Search function uses conditions (matching patterns) for SIP headers (From, To, etc.). Those conditions, written as regular expressions, make ARS Search very flexible. Powerful uses of the ARS Plug-in include:


  • Searching a telephone directory for a caller‘s number. For example, if the caller is in Do-Not-Call list, you can then decline the call.
  • Searching for the least cost route by country number and area code number (Least Cost Routing).
  • Searching a telephone directory for a caller’s name using the caller’s number. You can then change the display name with the caller’s name.

*For simple searches, you can use [Options] menu > [Notes] for making data list in the Brekeke PBX Admintool. There are default plug-ins for [Notes] menu, so you don’t have to create your own plug-in for it.


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