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Attended Transfer

An attended transfer is a transfer made after notifying the receiving party of the transfer. For example, if you have a call that you wish to transfer to a colleague at extension 1234, the following steps will walk you through transferring the call using the keypad command (#9):


  • If you are using a SIP phone that has a Transfer button, please consult your system administrator for instructions on how to use the Attended Transfer feature.


  1. Dial #9 to place the call on hold.
  2. Dial the intended recipient’s number, followed by #. For example, to transfer to extension 1234, press 1234#. (By pressing * [Star], you can return to the original call.)
  3. Let the recipient know that you are transferring a call to him, then hang up your phone. The transfer is complete and the caller is connected to the recipient. (Note that by dialing #9 before hanging up during a transfer to the recipient, the transfer will be canceled and the call will go back to the hold state.)


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