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Developer's Guide: Audio File Plug-in

This plug-in interface provides ways to process the audio files created by the call recording or voicemail features of Brekeke PBX. You need to use Java programming language to create your own plug-in. The following plug-ins are included in the product. You don’t need to develop plug-in when uploading to http server or moving files.


Steps to Create a Plug-in

1. Add the ondopbx.jar file to your classpath:

<Brekeke PBX install_dir>/webapps/pbx/WEB-INF/lib/ondopbx.jar

2. Create a JAVA class and implement the interface:




*With Brekeke Multi-Tenant PBX, “RecordingPlugin_mt” will be used.

Package name:




This method is called when recording finishes and an audio file is created. An instance of the class will be created every time a message file is created.


tenant        Tenant name (available only for Interface:RecordingPlugin_mt)

user            User

uprop         Properties related to the user

file              File created

prop           Properties of the file

type            Type

                               TYPE_VOICEMAIL(0)                                    Voicemail

                               TYPE_CONVERSATION_RECORDING(1)      Recorded call

                               TYPE_NAME (2)                                           Name

                               TYPE_GREETING1 (3)                                  Personal Greeting

                               TYPE_GREETING2 (4)                                  Alternative Greeting


To delete the file, return false. To save the file, return true.



The following is a sample program which will upload the recorded calls to a FTP server. Nothing will be performed when voicemails are created.

(Please refer to other resources regarding the detailed codes for FTP)

package yourpackage;

import java.util.*;


public class YourRecordingPlugin implements RecordingPlugin {

    public boolean eventRecorded( String tenant, String user, Properties userProp,  File file, Properties prop, int type) {
          if( type == TYPE_CONVERSATION_RECORDING ){
                 SampleFTPUploader.uploadToFtpServer( file );
                 return false;
                 return true;




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