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Busy Lamp Field (BLF), Shared Call Appearance (SCA), Presence

Busy Lamp Field

With Busy Lamp Field (BLF[1]), when there is a call to the monitored phone, the corresponding key lamp on the monitoring phone will flash and the call can be picked up from the monitoring phone.



Brekeke PBX can handle presence2 SUBSCRIBE requests from phones, and return NOTIFY responses about the status of the monitored phones, such as “available” or “on the phone.”


Shared Call Appearance

With Shared Call Appearance (SCA2), Brekeke PBX users can monitor statuses of ARS route lines, select an available line to place an outbound call or answer an incoming call.


[1] A list of SIP phones that work with Brekeke PBX BLF and with the Presence and SCA function, as well as a sample configuration are available at Brekeke Wiki > [Brekeke PBX] > [Configuration] > [Functions Configuration] > [BLF, SCA and Presence].

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