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1. Brekeke PAL WebSocket Usage


Use a WebSocket client that conforms to RFC6455.


Configuration at Brekeke PBX

Defining the valid WebSocket client IP addresses is required to connect with Brekeke PBX.

1. Log in to Brekeke PBX Admintool with admin privileges.

2. In the [Options] > [Settings] > [Valid WebSocket Client IP Pattern] field, enter a regular expression to define the client’s IP address pattern.

For example, ^192\.168\..+$ will include any client whose IP address starts with “192.168.”



Access Brekeke PAL WebSocket API using the following URL:

ws://<Brekeke PBX Host>:< Brekeke PBX Port>/pbx/ws?<login information>

For details about URL format, refer to the next section “Connecting with Brekeke PAL WebSocket.”



JSON-RPC 2.0 is used as a remote procedure call protocol. For more information, please refer to


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