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Brekeke PBX stop running

Why does Brekeke PBX stop running?

There are three possible issues here:


1. Are you using the Brekeke PBX trial/evaluation version?

The Brekeke PBX trial version has an expiration date. After the expiration date, the Brekeke PBX will stop running.


2. Have you saved an Brekeke PBX backup file under Tomcat’s webapps folder?

Do not leave Brekeke PBX files other than the one you are currently using under TOMCAT’s webapps folder. Saving extra backup files under webapps folder can cause problems during startup.


3. Are there multiple copies of Brekeke PBX on the same machine?

Installing Brekeke PBX multiple times on the same machine may cause problems during startup.

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