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Busy Lamp Field (BLF)

With BLF, when there is a call to the monitored phone, the corresponding key lamp on the monitoring phone will flash and the call can be picked up from the monitoring phone.


Settings on the phone side:


Polycom 650
Prerequisite: Firmware 3.2.x

Setup for BLF:

1. At phone provision file xxxx_phone.cfg or phone1.cfg, set monitored phone number as

< attendant
attendant.resourceList.1.address="sip:< ext_number >@< brekeke_pbx_ip >"

2. At sip.cfg file, set as

< feature"directed-call-pickup" feature.12.enabled="1" />
< call call.directedCallPickupMethod="legacy" call.directedCallPickupString="*" / >

3. Reboot the phone.


Linksys SPA 962
Firmware version is 6.1.3(a) or equiped with Linksys SPA932 (Attendant Console for Linksys SPA962)Setup for BLF:1. At tab “SPA932“, set as

Server Type: Asterisk
SPA932 Call Pickup Code: *#

2. At tab “Phone”, set any Line Key from 2 to 6 as

Extension: Disabled
Short Name: any name for the Line Key label
Share Call Appearance: shared
Extended Function: fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=< extension >@< serverIP >
* If using SPA932, set any Unit Key as fnc=blf+sd+cp;sub=< extension >@< serverIP >

3. Reboot the phone.


Snom 360/820/870
Prerequisite: Firmware version 7 and up

Setup for BLF:

1. Go to “Function Keys”.

2. Set any key from P1 to P12 as:

"Active" "BLF" "< sip:< extension> @< serverIP >;user=phone >|* "

3. Reboot the phone.



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