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Call between two tenants

How to configure an ARS route to make calls between 2 tenants.



Create an ARS route template.

Pattern IN:

[Matching Patterns:] 
[To:] sip:tenant9&v1(.+)@ 

[Deploy Patterns:]
[To:] &t1


Pattern OUT:

[Matching Patterns:] 
[From:] sip:(.+)@ 
[To:] sip:(9[0-9]{1,1}.+)@

[Deploy Patterns:]
[From:] sip:9&v1&f1@ 
[To:] sip:tenant&t1@


Create two routes by using this template for each tenant.


[tenant prefix (v1):] 1



[tenant prefix (v1):] 2



User can call to other tenants by adding “9” + <tenant prefix> to a dialing number.


The ext.100 at the tenant ”test1” can call to ext.200 at the tenant “test2” by dialing “92200”.

And vice versa, the ext.200 at the tenant “test2” can call to ext.100 at the tenant “test1” by dialing “91100”.

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