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Call Pickup Group

Call Pickup is a function that allows users to answer incoming calls from any extension by dialing a preset number. When an extension rings, dial *<user extension> to answer the call. For example, when user extension 300 rings, dialing *300 will enable you to answer the call from any other extension within the system (or within the tenant for MT Edition).

*If you are using a SIP phone that has a “Call Pickup” button, consult the manufacturer or your SIP phone’s manual on how to use the Call Pickup feature.


Here are some other ways of using the Call Pickup feature:


Extension: 3000

Group Extensions* 301,302,303,304,305


Answer Calls That Are Directed to a Ring Group

Calls received at a Ring Group extension can be answered from any extension by dialing *<ring group extension>. In the above example, by dialing *3000, you can pick up a call directed to Ring Group 3000.


Create a Call Pickup Group

By using the Ring Group setting, you can create a Call Pickup Group. In the above example, dialing *3000 enables a user to pick up calls for the Ring Group, or any calls directed to an extension in the Ring Group. In other words, by dialing *<ring group extension>, you can pick up a call that came in for a single extension (e.g., 303) within the Ring Group.

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