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Call Pickup

The Call Pickup feature allows you to answer incoming calls that are directed to other user extensions. Configuration of this feature is done through the [Users] menu in Brekeke PBX Admintool. Refer to the “User Settings” section in this document to learn how to configure this feature.


  • If you are using a SIP phone that has a Call Pickup button, please consult your system administrator for instructions on how to use the Call Pickup feature.

1. Call Pickup from Within a Call Pickup Group

Call pickup from within a call pickup group allows you to pick up any incoming call directed to a [Groups] extension.

  1. Set a [Groups] extension number at the user’s [Settings] page in the [Call settings] -> [Call Pickup group] field.
  2. When any user extension in the [Groups] extension rings, press * to answer the incoming call.


2. Call Pickup from a Non-Group Extension

Call pickup from a non-group extension allows you to pick up any incoming calls directed to any user extension within the system.

  1. From any extension, dial *<user extension number> to answer an incoming call.
  2. For example, if user extension 511 rings, dial *511 from any other Brekeke PBX user extension in your system to pick up the call.


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