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Call Queue

Hold the incoming calls on the queue for 15 seconds before ringing the receptionists


It is possible to create two virtual extensions. Extension 1000 for Call Queueing and extension 2000 for Round-robin Ring Group extensions (111,222,333). Please set as follows.


Call Queueing user setting: 1000
[Forwarding destinations] = < Blank >
[Ringer time (sec)] = 0 
[Waiting time in the queue (sec)] = 15 
[Forwarding destination (No answer/Busy)] = 2000 
[Type of Call Forwarding] = Round robin/Top-down


Round-Robin Ring Group user setting: 2000
[Forwarding destinations] = 111,222,333 
[Ringer time] = 90 
[Waiting time in the queue] = 0 
[Mode] = Round robin 
[Type of Call Forwarding] = Round robin/Top-down

Default setting for other fields.


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