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The Callback feature is a method of making low-cost international calls via a third country. Brekeke PBX will ring a caller back when the caller dials the number of a Callback extension.


In the following example, extension 3000 is set up as a Callback extension:

  1. From [Extensions] > [Callback], click the [Create a new callback] button.
  2. Set as follows:[Extension] 3000

    [Ringer time (sec)] 90

    [Forwarding destination (No answer)] 300

    [Callback callee] 3002

  3. Save the settings.


When a caller dials a Callback extension, the caller will hear a ring tone. If the caller hangs up before the ringer times out, Brekeke PBX will send an INVITE to the caller, who will then be connected to the number set in the [Callback callee] field. In this example, the caller will be connected to Auto Attendant 3002.


When a caller who dials a Callback extension does not hang up before ringer timeout, the call will be directed to the destination set in the [Forwarding destination (No answer)] field.


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