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Change SIP Server SIP Listening port

Let’s assume change the local port number to 5066. Port 5061 is default SIP port for TLS transport.


1. Go to [SIP Server Admin] > [Configuration] > [SIP].  Set [Local Port]  5066.

2. For version 3.x, Go ot [Options] > [Advanced] , Add the following and push [Save] button.

3. Retart PBX from [Start/Shutdown] menu.

4. If Brekeke PBX is in local network and it receives calls from WAN, set port forwarding with 5066 for the PBX server IP at your broadband router.


If there are phones register to theBrekeke PBX (SIP Server), re-register the phones by setting SIP Proxy address as BrekekePBX_IP_address:5066.


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