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Conference Call

Creating a Conference Room

The first step to using the Conference Call feature is to set up a Conference Room. In the following example, extension 2000 is set up as the conference number:

*If you are using a SIP phone that has a “Conference Call” button, please consult the manufacturer of your SIP phone for information on how to set up the Conference Call feature.

  1. From [Extensions] > [Conference], click the [Create a new conference] button.
  2. Set as follows:[Extension] 2000Leave all other settings as default.
  3. Save the settings.

With the above settings, any user can enter the conference room by dialing 2000.


Limiting Members Who Can Enter the Conference Room

You can limit the members who can join the conference by specifying individual members (for example, “301, 102, 103”) at the [Applies to (Caller numbers)*] field. With this setting, only users 301, 102 and 103 will be allowed to join the conference. No other users can join this conference room.


Simultaneous Calls to All of the Conference Members

A conference member can convene all members of the conference room at once. For example, set 301, 102 and 103 at [ Auto Invite attendees*]. By dialing 2000, all conference members (301, 102 and 103) will be invited simultaneously.


Starting a Conference Call (Alternate Methods)

The Brekeke PBX Users Guide describes additional methods for starting a conference call.


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