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Conference Calls

1. Entering a Conference Room

Ask your system administrator for a conference room number. If your system administrator has set extension 1000 as the conference number, you can join the call by dialing 1000.


2. Holding a Conference Meeting Instantly

There are two ways to hold a conference meeting instantly:

  • If your administrator set the conference attendees’ numbers in the [Forwarding destinations*] of the conference number (1000), then any attendee on that list can join the conference instantly by dialing 1000.
  • Dialing the conference number (1000) followed by the attendees’ numbers separated by stars (*) will invite those extensions to join the call. Example: 1000*101*102*103

A star “*” or a caller’s extension should be displayed on the conference room extension edit page in the [Applied to (Caller numbers)*] field. When a star is entered in this field, there is no restriction on which extension can convene a conference meeting.


3. Joining a Conversation

To join a conference meeting or a three-way call, dial 0*<extension number>. For example, if users 1001 and 1002 are talking, then dialing either 0*1001 or 0*1002 from another extension will allow you to join their conversation.


4. Inviting Others to an Existing Meeting

To invite others to join an existing conference meeting:

  1. Dial #9 to place the call on hold and then dial the new member’s number. You will then be talking with the new member privately.
  2. Dial #0 to invite that person to your meeting. If you dial #7 instead of #0, the new member will only be able to listen to the conversation.
  • If you are using a SIP phone that has a Conference button, please consult your system administrator for instructions on how to use the Conference feature.
  • [Join other’s conversation] and [Allow others to join my conversation] fields in user extension [Settings] page can be used to set restriction to conference calls or call supervising.

Refer to “Quick Reference Chart” for the commands which can be used during video conference call.



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