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Confirm Call

Confirm Call is a function that ensures an outbound call is answered by a person, and not by a voicemail system.  The callee will be prompted to press a preset confirmation key (set by system administrator) to confirm that the call has been answered by a person. Refer to “Confirm Call” under the “Functions Configuration” section for more information about configuration.


1.1.1.       Pick Up a Confirm Call

This example shows what happens when a PSTN phone gets a confirm call from Brekeke PBX:

  1. Set up Confirm Call using the ARS rule for outbound calls.
  2. Dial to a PSTN phone number through the ARS rule from a user extension.
  3. When the PSTN phone receives the incoming Confirm Call, there are three possible scenarios for how to handle Confirm Calls:
    • Answer the call and enter the preset confirmation key when the voice prompt plays. If the confirmation key is accepted, the call will be connected.
    • If there is no confirmation key entered, the call will be disconnected after the voice prompt.
    • If the call is not answered, it will be disconnected after the ringer times out. The caller will not be connected to the PSTN phone’s voicemail.


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