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Email notifications

How to set up the email notifications for voicemail?


Go to [PBX Admintool] > [Options] > [Email Settings]

[SMTP Server]:

[SMTP Port]: 465(e.g.)

[SMTP authentication]: ON

[POP3 Server]:

[POP3 Port]:110(e.g.)

[User]: (e.g.)

[Password]: XXXX(e.g.)

[Password(confirm)]: XXXX(e.g.)

[Email address(from)]:


*From v3.6.x, the mail server setting parameters are moved under the [Email] menu -> [Settings].

Go to user settings page > [Voicemail Settings]

[Email address*]: (e.g.)

[Email Notification]: ON

[Attach Wav File to Email]: ON (Optional)


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