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Function call produces an "Error: exception occurred..." message

If you are using Brekeke PBX v3.2 or later, please use Brekeke PAL Websocket instead of using Brekeke PAL.
The support for the Brekeke PAL will be discontinued in the future version of Brekeke PBX.

Function call produces an ‘Error: exception ocurred…’ message

The PAL Control makes use of the built-in Brekeke Web Service which is controlled using the PBX Administration Tool. Only Clients with IP Addresses that match the regular expression pattern defined in the PBX Administration Tool will be allowed to consume from the web service.

This step is necessary in order to send commands to the Brekeke PBX.
To define the valid client ip addresses:

  1. Browse to the PBX Administration tool.
  2. Login with Admin privileges.
  3. Select Options from the menu.
  4. Enter a regular expression for the text box labeled ‘ Valid Client IP Pattern ‘ For example, 192\.168\..+

If you are running the PAL client on the same machine as the Brekeke PBX, you may have to use ‘’ in the ‘Valid Client IP Pattern’ text box.

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