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Holding Calls

1. Placing a Call On Hold

On most SIP phones, pressing the “Hold” button will place a call on hold. Alternatively, dialing #9 will also place a call on hold. When you place a call on hold, you will hear a steady beeping sound and the person on hold will hear music.


2. Taking a Call Off Hold

To resume a call, follow the instructions for your SIP phone on how to resume calls. Depending on the manufacturer, the steps to resume a call may differ. When you put a call on hold by dialing #9, you can resume the call by pressing * (Star).


3. Resuming a Call That Is on Hold After a Hang Up

If you hang up your phone while a call is on hold, Brekeke PBX will automatically ring back the phone that placed the call on hold. If you answer the call, you will resume the conversation with the person on hold. If you do not answer, the call will be disconnected when the ringing times out.


  • In some cases when the “Hold” button is used, this call back notification feature may not be available.


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