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How to bypass Brekeke PBX

Current version of Brekeke PBX supports codecs:
0 – G.711 u-law (default), 8 – G.711 A-law, 98 – iLBC, 18 – G.729 .

If other codecs are used at Brekeke PBX, you can pass them through SIP Server by using the following Dial Plan to bypass PBX.

[Matching Patterns:]
$request = ^INVITE
To = sip:9(.+)@

[Deploy Patterns:]
To = sip:%1@

If a caller dials a number with the prefix “9“, the call will be forwarded to callee directly without going through Brekeke PBX.
In this case, Brekeke PBX features cannot be applied to the call.

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