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Making Calls Between Users' Phones

Brekeke PBX > USER > (Extension: i.e., 101) > Phones

In Brekeke PBX, you can connect 4 phones under one extension (user).  There are a few special functions within these connected phones.

For example, by dialing the number 1 to 4 in [Phone n], each phone can call the other 3 phones under the same extension.

Here is an example. Brekeke PBX user 100 has 4 phones listed on the [Phones] page:

User 100 > [Phones]

Phone 1

Phone ID 100_phone1

Phone 2

Phone ID 100_phone2

Phone 3

Phone ID 100_phone3

Phone 4

Phone ID 100_phone4


  • By dialing 1, any of the phones under user 100 can reach Phone1.
  • By dialing 0, you can reach all other phones (excluding the phone you are calling).
  • Using this function, user 100 can transfer, park/pickup calls between phones under extension 100.


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