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You can use the Mute function during a conference call or a one-on-one call. With the Brekeke PBX Mute function you can set who will be muted in the conversation.


1.Mute Callee

This feature mutes incoming callers to a conference call, making it a “listen only” call.

  • If you dial #7 to let someone join in a conference call, the new attendee can only listen to the conversation in the conference.
  • When ~(tilde )<extension number> is set in [Inbound] > [Other Forwarding destinations*] under User Settings, that extension user’s call will be in “Mute” mode. By setting ~(tilde)<extension number> for all of the members in a conference, you can create a one-way broadcast conference.


2.Mute Caller

This feature is used to mute your own phone during a conversation.

  • By dialing 7*<extension number> or (8* or 9* or 0* or * or **) + 7*<extension number>, you can mute yourself in the conversation.
  • Dialing 9*7*<extension number> will let you monitor (supervise) someone’s call silently.


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