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Number System

1. Defining a Brekeke PBX User

Brekeke PBX regards user extensions as Brekeke PBX users. It, therefore, associates a UA SIP ID with each Brekeke PBX user by looking for the [Phone ID] field in the Brekeke PBX user [Phones] page settings. All numbers entered in one user [Phone ID] field are considered as the same Brekeke PBX user.


2. Understanding Prefixes

To provide easy access to Brekeke PBX features, such as Voicemail and IVR extensions, Brekeke PBX uses a prefix system. By adding the appropriate prefix to an extension number, users can directly access the related Brekeke PBX feature.


The prefixes used in Brekeke PBX are listed in the table below. Most prefixes cannot be modified, with the exception of the call pickup prefix. Users can include these prefixes in their settings, such as setting forwarding destinations as “vm100,” which will forward calls to user extension 100’s voicemail.


The table below shows the default prefix settings:

IVR prefix ivr
Voicemail prefix vm
Voicemail review/Setting prefix msg
Call Pickup prefix *


It is not possible to dial a prefix directly from most types of SIP devices. We have prepared the default ARS rule “mediaserver_prefix” so that users can dial numbers to directly access the Media Server features (Voicemail).


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