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admin or user



Adds or removes device information used for Push Notification.



command – add or remove
username – The SIP user ID. If you are not an admin user, this ID must be one of the user’s Phone IDs.
service_id – 1: APNS, 2: GCM/FCM, 3: WebPush (only for command: add)
application_id – the Application ID/Sender ID for the application (in case of command: add)
device_id – the device ID (in case of service_id: 1 or 2)
endpoint – the engpoint (in case of service_id: 3)
key – the data encryption key (in case of service_id: 3)
auth_secret – the authentication secret (in case of service_id: 3)
user_agent – the user-agent of the browser (in case of service_id: 3)



If the method succeeds, it returns “Succeeded:” in the result field. If not, it returns a string that starts with “Error:.”


Version: or later

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