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Currently, PBX presence feature can work with Polycom and Xlite.


Settings on the phone side:


Polycom SoundPoint IP650 / 330
1. At phone’s “sip.cfg” file, modify the line in the feature tag as following to enable presence function on the phone.

<feature"presence" feature.1.enabled="1">

2. Now, there are “Buddies” softkeys shown on the phone LCD. Add buddies to monitor other phones’ status.

2-1. Click “Directories” key on the phone

2-2. Select “Contact Directory” to add buddies

2-3. add buddy

First Name: any name for label

Contact: monitored pbx user name

Watch Buddy: Enabled

4. Save the settings.


 1. Set Presence mode as “Peer-to-Peer” at XLite SIP account properties

2. Open “Contact Drawer” on the right of the phone skin

3. Click “Contacts” dropdown list and select “Add Contact”

4. At “Contact Properties”, set “General” tab as

4-1. Set Name, Group as you need.

4-2. At “Contact Methods”, set

          Type: Softphone

          Phone/Address: monitored pbx user name

4-3. Check “Show this contact’s Availability”


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