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Processes on Brekeke PBX

When Brekeke PBX is started, three processes are initiated: the Brekeke SIP Server (bundled SIP server for Brekeke PBX) process, the Brekeke PBX main process and the media server (Voicemail/IVR features) process.



1. Main Process

The Brekeke PBX main process receives and dispatches SIP sessions between SIP User Agents (UAs). All call sessions between a caller and callee are mediated by the Brekeke PBX main process.


2. Media Server Process

The media server process handles a number of Brekeke PBX features, such as Voicemail, Call Recording, and all IVR functions (including Auto Attendant).


3. Brekeke SIP Server Process

The bundled SIP server for Brekeke PBX authenticates SIP requests and routes the SIP requests between Brekeke PBX and registered or external User Agents. For details about the bundled SIP server for Brekeke PBX, refer to Brekeke SIP Server wiki.


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