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Queue settings at Call Hunting group

Brekeke PBX provides a call queue feature as a part of  group extension’s functions.


How to setup

1. Go to [Extensions] > [Group]. And press “Create a new group” button.

2. Enter a new extension and select “Call Hunting” at the [Type] select box.

3. Move to [Options in the queue] section.

4. Enter “Transfer destinations*(0-9)” field like following an example.


In this example, if a caller presses DTMF “0“, a call is forwarded to ext.”100“.

likewise,  if a caller presses “1“,  a call is forwarded to ext.”200“.

5. Set audio files.

Music on hold in the queue” : Set an audio file that will be played when a call is in queue. And while the audio file is played, caller can not input DTMF.

Prompt for options“:  Set an audio file that prompt a caller to enter DTMF. The audio will be played after the audio set at “Music on hold in the queue”.  While the audio set at “Prompt for options” is playing, a caller can input DTMF.

* These two audio files are played and repeated until the total waiting time in a queue reaches a value set at “Waiting time in the queue (sec)” .

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