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Restrict Codecs used for a call

By default, PCMU is used for the calls through Brekeke PBX. Brekeke PBX can convert codecs between G.711 ulaw, G.711 alaw, iLBC and G.729. If need to restrict codecs to one of the above, set as following depending on your need.


When some codec is only needed by a user.

For Brekeke PBX v3 and later, specify the codec at brekeke PBX admintool > [Options] > [Phone Type], and set related phone type to the PBX user.


When some codec is needed for some ARS routes.

Specify the codec at each ARS route [Codec priority] field.


When some codec is needed for all calls through Brekeke PBX.

Specify the codec at Brekeke PBX admintool > [Options] > [PBX system settings] and [Media Server system settings] > [Codec priority]

Restart PBX is required for this setting change.


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