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Ring Group

To set up a Ring Group,

  • Define the extension number that you want to designate as the Ring Group number at [PBX admintool]>[Users]>[New user], enter ring group number and click OK.
  • Enter the extensions of the group in the [Call forwarding settings]>[Forwarding destinations*] field.

If extensions in the Ring Group also have their own forwarding destinations, the destination phones also ring when there is call to the Ring Group extension.



In this example, a Ring Group (3000) is created for all user extensions 301-305. When calls are received at group extension 3000, all specified group extensions (301-305) will ring simultaneously. If no one answers the call within the ringer time (90 seconds), the call is set to be forwarded to user extension 300.


  1. From [PBX] > [Extensions] > [Groups], click [Create a new group].
  2. Set as follows:[Extension] 3000[Type] Simultaneous Ring[Group Extensions*] 301,302,303,304,305

    [Ringer time (sec)] 90

    [Forwarding destination (No answer)] 300

    [Tag] via 3000

  3. Save

*From Brekeke PBX v3.4.x or later, the Tag feature is available. The value of the field is displayed in the group extension’s devices while ringing. If you use the Tag feature, you can set it from [PBX] > [Option] > [Phone Type] > [Edit Phone Type] > [Tag in Display Name].


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