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Run PAL App on Windows 7

If you are using Brekeke PBX v3.2 or later, please use Brekeke PAL Websocket instead of using Brekeke PAL.
The support for the Brekeke PAL will be discontinued in the future version of Brekeke PBX.

Run PAL App on Windows 7 64-bit

Rebuild with PAL application at 64-bit windows 7 and
the new solution can run on 64-bit windows.


  1. Open project with Microsoft Visual Studio,
    From menu bar, choose Tool / options / projects and then solutions / General,
    check “Show advanced build configurations” and click OKFrom menu Build, choose “Configuration Manager”,
    at pop-up window, “Active solution platform” drop-down list, select “New”At New solution Platform pop-up window, “Type or select the new platform” drop-down list,
    select x86, all others are as default setting,then click OK, and close “Configuration Manager” window
  2. Go to PAL program project folder / bin /, there will be a new folder named “x86”
    Copy the files “Interop.OperatorBean.dll” and “Pal.dll” which are under Brekeke PAL installation directory (C:\Program Files (x86)\Brekeke\pal\) to your projects/bin/x86/ debug/ or bin/x86/release/
  3. Copy all other configuration files needed by PAL application to your projects/bin/x86/debug/ or bin/x86/release/
  4. Rebuild solution then PAL program can run on 64-bit windows.


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