Brekeke PBX Wiki


1. Call Settings
Name Default value Description
Class Class 1 User class type
Call pickup group Enable one-touch call pickup for the preset group extensions by assigning the group number.
Call recording off Enable or disable call recording.

Options: on/off

Call recording patterns* * Wildcard setting used to filter incoming/outgoing calls that are needed to enable call recording.

A star (*) and a question mark (?) can be used for matching meta- characters.

For multiple entries, use a comma to separate each number.

Join other’s conversation yes Allow (yes) or forbid (no) this user to join another user’s conversation.

Options: yes/no

Allow others to join my conversation yes Allow (yes) or forbid (no) other users to join this user’s conversation.

Options: yes/no

Automatic monitoring* Allow other users to “monitor” this user’s conversation.

For multiple entries, use a comma to separate each number.

Max inbound sessions unlimited Maximum concurrent sessions

Options: unlimited, 0-6

Resource map Map clients’ parameters to Brekeke PBX parameters.
  • This setting section is disabled from user access by default.


2. Voicemail Settings
Name Default value Description
PIN PIN to retrieve voicemail messages.
PIN (confirm) Input field to confirm your PIN.
Transfer destinations* (0-4) Set the number to which calls are forwarded during the greeting.
If you enter multiple entries, use commas to separate each number. (up to 5)
Example 1: If you set 101, caller will transfer the call to 101 when the caller presses 0 during greeting playback.
Example 2: If you set 101,102,103,104,105, then when the caller presses 0-4 during message playback, the call will be transferred to 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 respectively.
Greeting message Default system greeting Specifies the greeting message that will be used with your voicemail inbox.


Default system greeting

Personal greeting (customizable)

Alternative greeting (customizable)

Message recording length (sec)



Greeting Only

Length of time for recording a voice message, in seconds.

 When this box is checked, only the greeting voice prompt is played and the caller cannot leave a voicemail message.

 Options:  check/uncheck

Message forwarding* Brekeke PBX user number(s) to which you would like to forward your voicemail messages.

If you use this setting, all of your messages will be automatically forwarded to the number(s) specified here.

For multiple entries, use a comma to separate each number.

Email address* Specifies an email address for email notification.

For multiple entries, use a comma to separate each email address.

Email notification Off Enable (on) or disable (off) email notification, which sends an email to a specified address when a new voicemail is received.
Attach WAV file to email Off Enable (on) or disable (off) attachment of voicemail messages in WAV format to email notifications.
Talking caller ID Yes Enable (yes) or disable (no) display the number of the caller who left a voicemail message.
Skip password from my phone No Enable (yes) or disable (no) requesting voicemail password when voicemail box is accessed from numbers that are on the user’s > [Phones] page.


3. Sound files
Name Description
Name The name associated with the voicemail inbox. (When you leave a message for another Brekeke PBX user, the recipient will hear, “You have a new message from xxxx.”)
Music on hold An audio file containing music for callers to listen to while on hold.
Voicemail personal greeting Voicemail inbox greeting message created by user.
Voicemail alternative greeting Alternate voicemail inbox greeting message created by user.
Download To download a recorded sound file, click on the file size. The sound file will be downloaded to your PC as a WAV file.
Delete To delete a recorded sound file, select the [Delete] check box(es) at the end of the line. The selected file(s) will be deleted when you click the [Save] button on the user setting page.
Upload To upload a file, click the [Browse] button at the line to which the file will be saved. Select the file you want to upload then click [Save] and the upload will start.


4. Format of Sound Files

Uploaded sound files must be formatted as shown below:

Format WAV
Sample rate 8000Hz
Bit-depth 16-bit
Channels Mono


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