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Setup for Connecting ITSP

Connecting ITSP authenticated by registration

Follow the setup of connecting with ITSP at Brekeke PBX Administrator’s Guide(Basic)
There are sample setup for some ITSPs.


Connecting ITSP authenticated by Brekeke server IP

1. ARS rule > [General] section, set as

Register URI sip:&v1@
Proxy Address


2. ARS rule > [Pattern – IN]

Matching Patterns Deploy Patterns
From sip:.+@ITSP_IP_address
To sip:&v1@ &v3


3. ARS rule > [Pattern – OUT]

Matching Patterns Deploy Patterns
From “&v1” <sip:&v1@Brekeke_server_IP_address>
To sip:([0-9]{7,})@ sip:$1@ITSP_IP_address


4. ARS rule -> [Edit Variables] page

v1 v2(password) v3
DID_number (leave it blank) Brekeke PBX user number


With above setting, the DID number set in v1 will be registered at Brekeke PBX bundled SIP server.

The inbound calls from ITSP to this DID number will be sent to Brekeke PBX user set at v3 without authentication.

The outbound calls with dialing number digits more than 7 digits will be sent to ITSP IP address.


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