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Speed Dial

“Speed dial” can be set at the Auto Attendant setting.

General settings for speed dial:

Note that you cannot use any numbers that already used as beginning of any extension numbers. For example, you cannot use “1” as speed dial number when there is an extension “100” exists.

For example:

[Speed dial*]:

Set one speed dial on each line. In above example, you cannot distribute extension numbers that starts with 0 or 5.


When you need to use the same number that has already been used for an extension number:

Use == sign in speed dial
[Max input digits]: 3
[Speed dial*]: 1==200

with above setting in the [Speed dial] field, you can use “1” for a speed dial number and prefix for an extension.


Dial 110 -> A call will be transferred to extension 110
Dial “1#” or “1 and wait until DTMF timeout” -> The speed dial setting will be applied and the call will be transferred to extension 200.

Note: Regular expression can also be used in the right hand side. (ex. 1=^1[567].* )

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