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Tutor Mode

How to use Tutor Mode?

Tutor Mode is a special case of call supervising/monitoring. With Tutor Mode, a person can get into an established call. His/her talk can and only can be heard by the extension, which the person uses Tutor Mode on. However, the person can hear the every party’s conversation with the extension he/she is tutoring.


How to set Tutor Mode

There are two ways:

  • Automatic Tutor Mode
    • Go to [PBX] > [Users], open the editing page of the user you want to use Tutor Mode
    • At the text field of the parameter [Automatic Monitoring*], type in ‘~~’, two tildes and supervisor’s extension number
    • Save the change
  • Tutor Mode using prefix
    • Dial 99*(extension) to get into an existing call as a tutor

For more parameters usage, click here

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