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Upgrade Brekeke PBX v2 to v3

  1. Send request to upgrade your current v2 license to Brekeke PBX v3 license.
  2. Download Brekeke PBX version 3 [updates & upgrades] zip file and unzip the file
  3. Re-activate current license from Brekeke PBX v2 admintool > [maintenance] > [Activate License]
    you will get a 2-day temporary license
  4. Upgrade Brekeke PBX to version 3 from Brekeke PBX v2 admintool > [maintenance] > [Update Software] by uploading “pbx.war” file downloaded in step 2
  5. Restart Brekeke PBX server machine and start Brekeke PBX service
  6. There will be Brekeke PBX version 3 activation page shown when access Brekeke PBX admintool again.
    copy and paste license ID into [Enter the product ID] textbox
    then click on the [Accept terms and activate the license] button

Upgrade from Brekeke PBX v2 to v3 has been completed and you can access Brekeke PBX v3 admintool.


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  1. When upgrade Brekeke PBX v2 to v3,
    the following settings can be different from those in v2 and necessary changes need to do manually.

      • Brekeke PBX v2 – Schedule users
        these users will be restored as v3 [Schedule] extensions but schedule settings cannot be saved.


      • Brekeke PBX v2 – PBX users with settings in [Forwarding destinations *] field
        these users will be restored under v3 [Groups] extensionsWhen this kind of PBX v2 users have settings in [Assigned ID] field (form MT PBX)
        these users will be restored under [Users] extensions
        and forwarding destinations will be saved at [User] > [Inbound] > [Other Forwarding Destinaitons*]


      • Brekeke PBX v2 – PBX users set as [IVR] > [Add/Remove Forwarding Destinations]
        set group extensions at [Target groups*] field, but not user extensions


      • Brekeke PBX v2 – [Options] > [Settings] > [Java VM arguments], set as -Xss128k
        when Brekeke PBX v3 is running on 64-bit OS with 64-bit java
        Remove the above setting from the field or set a value greater than 256k, such as -Xss256k


      • Brekeke PBX v2 – call park with #8
        in Brekeke PBX v3, need to input a park number + # after issuing #8 to park the call
        For details, please check Brekeke PBX User Guide


      • Brekeke PBX v2 – ARS default rule “mediaserver_prefix”
        remove or disable all Patterns-IN rules in v2 ARS rule “mediaserver_prefix”; these pattern-INs are not needed in Brekeke PBX v3


    • Brekeke PBX v2 – PBX call log settings at [Options] > [Advanced] page
      check Brekeke PBX v3 changes in call log feature behavior and database table from “Developer’s Guide – Log Database” and do necessary changes

    • Brekeke PBX v3 – [SIP Server Admin] > [Configuration] > [Miscellaneous] -> [Check Request-URI’s validity]
      If set as yes for more secured system configuration, some SIP clients may not register to Brekeke successfully.
    • If you use MT edtion and want to still use tenant ID, add the following parameter in under <Brekeke PBX installation folder>/webapp/pbx/WEB-INF/work/pbx and restart the Brekeke PBX server machine:
  2. We suggest the following changes when upgrade Brekeke PBX v2 to v3
      • Update Brekeke PBX default Dial Plan rules
        – Backup current Dial plan rules from Brekeke PBX admintool > [SIP Server Admin] > [Dial Plan] > [Import/Export]
        – Download Brekeke PBX v3 Default Dial Plan table from link below 
        – Import downloaded Brekeke PBX v3 default dial plan rule from admintool
        – Add other necessary Dial plan rules which are not as default and used in Brekeke PBX v2


      • Change PBX SIP and RTP port range from Brekeke PBX Admintool.
        The following are the default port setting in Brekeke PBX v3Brekeke PBX bundled SIP Server
        [SIP Port] 5060
        [Min RTP Port] 10000
        [Max RTP Port] 29999PBX system settings
        [PBX Port] 5052
        [Min RTP Port] 30000
        [Max RTP Port] 49999Media Server system settings 
        [Media Server Port] 5056
        [Min RTP Port] 50000
        [Max RTP Port] 59999


    • Check port forwarding and opened port settings at router, firewall or anti-virus program to make sure the UDP or TCP ports are the same as those set from Brekeke PBX Admintool


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