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Video calls with Brekeke PBX

Brekeke PBX v3.3 and later:

Brekeke PBX supports video calls.

The following steps show how to enable video for the phone assigned to a Brekeke PBX user extension.

  1. From Brekeke PBX Admintool > [Options] > [Phone Type] page, create a new phone type
  2. At new phone type setting page, set [Video] field on and set proper Audio codecs in [Codec Priority] field.
  3. Save the new phone type and restart Brekeke PBX from admintool.
  4. From a PBX user extension > [Phones] page, select the phone type created above at the [Type] field under the phone which needs to enable video for the call. And save the changes.
  5. Make a call from/to another PBX user with video phone type or from external user through ARS route with [Video] field set as “on“.

Video support can also enabled from ARS route and Brekeke PBX Admintool > [Options] > [Settings] page.
For the setup and difference among the video setting at different fields, please refer to wiki page “Restrict Codecs used for a call“.


Brekeke PBX v3.2 and earlier:

Brekeke PBX doesn’t support video calls but you can make a video call between clients with the following DialPlan rule to establish video calls through Brekeke PBX bundled SIP Server.

[Matching Patterns:] 
$request = ^INVITE 
To = sip:9(.+)@ 

[Deploy Patterns:] 
To = sip:%1@

If a caller dials a number with the prefix “9“, the call will be forwarded to a video client directly.

For example, if the video client’s number is “12345“, please dial “912345“.

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