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Voicemail Access and Settings

In order to use Brekeke PBX voicemail, you will first need to get your extension number and password from your system administrator. By default, dialing 8 from your extension’s phone or dialing 08*<extension number> from another phone in your system will allow you to reach the voicemail settings menu. By calling your voicemail access number, you can retrieve messages and change your voicemail settings and personal options.


To listen to new and saved voicemail messages, dial your voicemail access number. After listening to a voicemail message, you can choose to Save, Erase or Forward the message to other extensions.  You can also rewind and forward a message while listening to it. Use the “Voicemail Navigation Map” section to see how to perform any of these tasks.


From the user account [Settings] page, you can change your voicemail PIN and other voicemail settings.


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