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What is "Phone ID" ? - Brekeke’s Virtual Extension Numbering System -

Why Do You Need to Assign ID?


Assign the same extensions among multiple tenants

Multiple Tenants may want to provision the same extension number to their respective users. For instance, both Tenant A and Tenant B may want to assign extension 1000 to their users. Assigned Phone IDs allow service providers to differentiate each extension among their multiple tenants.


Change extension numbers without changing phones

Using Assigned Phone IDs, service providers may change a SIP phone’s extension without modifying the phone’s configuration. This type of flexibility is useful for environments such as call centers, rental offices, etc.


Simplifies shipping SIP devices to customers

If you are a service provider who ships phones to customers, you can delay setting the extension number until the customer receives the unit. You no longer need to pre-configure the extension before shipping the phone.


Commonly Used Method

Issues with Commonly Used Method
User name = Extension

When a SIP phone is registered to the server, you assign phone ID (also referred to as User name). Usually, this ID is used as the extension number.


Using this method of numbering system, you cannot assign more than one “extension 100” under the PBX (MT) server (


Solution Using Assigned Phone ID


What Assigned Phone ID Can You Use?

This type of Assigned Phone ID allows you to easily identify tenants and extension numbers. Also this type of ID easily identifies the caller/callee in the billing system. To distinguish Assigned Phone ID from other numbers such as DID numbers or analog phone numbers, we recommend using alphanumeric in the Assigned Phone ID instead of purely numeric IDs like “7772228888”.


This type of Assigned Phone ID is useful for service providers who ship out SIP devices for subscribers. Service providers can assign these type of ID (generated with random number) to each SIP devices, and later assign the extensions from the server side.


By using Assigned Phone ID, each SIP UA can be assigned a unique number. The system handles “matching” between pre-assigned SIP URI and Tenant’s unique extension number. This numbering method avoids complicated phone configuration at tenants’ premises.



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