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How to resume the evaluation software after the system stops - Brekeke PBX

The evaluation license will stop running at random times during the 60-day trial period. By restarting the Brekeke PBX software (restarting the service or the server), the software will start running again during the 60-day evaluation period.

Here are the steps to resume the service during your trial session:

  1. Login
  2. At the [Restart/Shutdown] page, click the “Restart All” button located at the center of the product Admintool.

For version 3.4 or later, you can confirm your remaining evaluation time at “About Brekeke PBX” from the setting menu on left-upper corner. For the versions v3.3 or earlier, the informaiton is located at the bottom-left corner of the [Restart/Shutdown] page under the product ID display.

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