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2. Create the Registered Table - MySQL

This table stores the data of registered user agents.


1. Create a table “t_registered” using the command below:
mysql> CREATE TABLE t_registered (
       skey BIGINT,
       namealias VARCHAR(255),
       nameoriginal VARCHAR(255),
       urlalias VARCHAR(255),
       urloriginal VARCHAR(255),
       acceptpattern VARCHAR(1000),
       requester VARCHAR(100),
       expires BIGINT,
       priority INT,
       timeupdate BIGINT,
       expirestime BIGINT,
       mappedport VARCHAR(100),
       awake INT,
       useragent VARCHAR(255),
       param VARCHAR(1000)

Note: If you are upgrading from OnDO SIP Server (version 1.x) to Brekeke SIP Server(version 2.x), you will need to add the last two lines for useragent and param as shown in the table above


2. Create indexes using the commands below:
mysql> CREATE INDEX idx_registered_skey ON t_registered(skey);
mysql> CREATE INDEX idx_registered_urlalias ON t_registered(urlalias);
mysql> CREATE INDEX idx_registered_urloriginal ON t_registered(urloriginal);
mysql> CREATE INDEX idx_registered_expirestime ON t_registered(expirestime);


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