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486 Busy Here

If a call receives a “486 Busy Here” response, please check the status of the callee’s SIP UA.

  • The callee’s handset may be off, busy, or already been hung-up.

If either Brekeke SIP Server or Brekeke PBX is responding “486” before an “INVITE“ is routed to the callee:

  • For Brekeke SIP Server  – Check the Dial Plan rule because it may have been set to send “486” such as “$response=486” or “$action=486”.

    – Expand the RTP port-range in the [Configuration]->[RTP] page. The port range is between the [Minimum Port] and [Maximum Port].

  • For Brekeke PBX  – Verify if the number of calls have reached its maximum at the [Max concurrent sessions] field.
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