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2. Brekeke SIP Server Auth Plug-in Process Flow




  1. A SIP user agent sends a SIP request such as REGISTER or INVITE to Brekeke SIP Server.
  2. Brekeke SIP Server passes the user name, SIP method name, destination SIP-URI and Proxy-Authorization header value or Authorization header value which are in the SIP request to the plug-in’s lookup()
  3. The plug-in queries the user directory for the record of the user name.
  4. The user directory returns an appropriate record.
  5. The plug-in puts the record to a UserRecord object (refer to Section 4.2, UserRecord Class) and returns the object to Brekeke SIP Server. If no record is found, null is returned.
  6. Brekeke SIP Server compares the returned result with the authentication information in the SIP request if a UserRecord object is returned from the plug-in.
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