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3.2. UserRecord Class



UserRecord is the class that holds a user’s information. This object is returned from a lookup() method when Brekeke SIP Server calls the method.

UserRecord class does not contain methods. It only contains the following member variables.

Type Variable Name Content
String username User name
String password Password in plain text
boolean bAuthorized A flag on whether authorized or not
long uid User ID (Optional)
long gid Group ID (Optional)
String longname Long user name (Optional)
String email E-mail address (Optional)
String desc Description of the user (Optional)
long timeexpire Expiration (Optional)
long timemake Date and time of when this record was created (Optional)
Object ext For extension (Optional)

All variables, except username, password, and bAuthorized, are optional. If Brekeke SIP Server needs to calculate an encrypted password from the plain password, and authorize by comparing the calculated password with a header field (Proxy-Authorization or Authorization) in the request from user agent, set bAuthorized = false. The default value of bAuthorized is false. If the authorization is done at the plug-in and Brekeke SIP Server does not need to do an authorization, set bAuthorized = true.

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