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6. How to Install Accouning Plug-ins

Step 1.  After the compilation is done, please place your class file into
<SIP Server install_dir>\webapps\sip\WEB-INF\classes
or create a jar file and place it into
<SIP Server install_dir>\webapps\sip\WEB-INF\lib

Step2. Please specify your plug-in using $session variable in Deploy Patterns.
For example, if you use a plug-in called CDRSample, please write a rule as follows:

Matching Patterns:
$request = ^INVITE

Deploy Patterns:
$session = CDRsample
$continue = true

In this case, Brekeke SIP Server searches the CDRSample class in the package which is specified by a property net.sip.session.plugins.pkg.

If no class can be found, Brekeke SIP Server searches the CDRSample class within the package

You can specify your plug-in class including the package name in Dial Plan.


$session = com.test.CDRSample

If you need to pass arguments to the plug-in, you can specify as follows.

$session = CDRSample arg1 arg2

These arguments are passed to the method eventSessionStart() (please refer to “2. Event Methods“).

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