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Brekeke SIP Server Standard Edition may not release thread resources when it is integrated with Ametek's (Rauland-Borg) Responder 5

Version update to version or later is recommended when Brekeke SIP Server Standard Edition version or older is integrated with RGS (Responder Gateway Server).



Brekeke SIP Server Advanced Edition and OEM products based on the Advanced Edition are not affected by this symptom.




This issue is observed when Standard Edition of Brekeke SIP Server is integrated with Responder 5 RGS (Responder Gateway Server).

When SIP server receives SIP-REGISTER packets with inconsequence order of CSeq number, the thread will not be released. From our investigation, this issue seems to be triggered under undesirable network conditions.

As a result, if these remaining threads exhaust the assigned memory of SIP server process, the process will stop working.

For checking whether there are remaining threads:

1. Go to [Tools]->[Command] page.
2. Type “threadlist” and push [Execute] button.
3. If there is “register” thread, wait for 40 seconds or more.
4. Push [Execute] button again.
5.If the same “register” thread still exists, it is remaining thread.



Affected Brekeke products and versions:

Brekeke SIP Server Standard Edition version or older.
Brekeke PBX version or older.




Brekeke SIP Server:

Option 1: Upgrade to Advanced Edition.

Option 2: Update to version to or later.


Brekeke PBX:

Update to version to or later.

Yes No
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