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Registered Clients

The Registered Clients page is for viewing and managing registered SIP clients. This page displays the registered SIP client records that are in the Registrar Database. When the Brekeke SIP Server accepts a REGISTER request from a SIP client, the database is updated automatically. The checkbox on the left side of each record is for deleting the record.


Field Name Explanation
User Username
Contact URI

(Source IP Address)

User’s contact SIP URI and the source IP address and port the REGISTER request sent from
Detail Details of the registration record

Variable Explanation
Expires Expiration period of the record [seconds]
Priority Priority of the record (100 – 1000)
User Agent Name of the client’s product if available.
Transport The Transport used by client
Time Update Timestamp of the latest update of the record


Item Explanation
Containing Text Search keywords
On Field By: User, Contact URI, Source IP Address, User-Agent


Button Explanation
Unregister Remove the selected record(s) from the registrar database.
Yes No
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