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Call detailed records (CDR) Settings

With CDR function (Call detailed records) function, call records can be written into a database or files without any additional programming or products. For easier integration with a billing system, it offers customizable records fields. CDR function is available for the version 3.8 or later on both Brekeke SIP Server and Brekeke PBX.


Quick Start
Step 1 . Turn on CDR

Open product admintool > [SIP Server] > [CDR] > [Settings] page. Check the “On” radio button of the [On/Off] field at [General] section.


Step 2.  Select output type

Select “File” or “Database” at [Output type]. As a default, CDR data is set to output into files.

<Case1 : Output type = File>
Step 3. Enter the Output Path
At [File Setting] section, under the [Output Path] field, enter the path where the CDR output files will be stored. As default “log/cdr” is set here, and Brekeke SIP Server outputs the CDR data into the following directory.
   Brekeke SIP Server:
   Brekeke PBX:
 Move to Step 6. >>


<Case2: Output type = Database>
Step 3. Install JDBC Driver
Download JDBC driver for your database from a DB vendor’s web site, and put it under the following directory.
    Brekeke SIP Server:
   Brekeke PBX:


Step 4. Database settings

Table Name: Enter the table name that CDR data will be stored.
Database Driver: Enter the name of database driver.
Database URL: Enter the URL of the database.
User Name/Password: Enter the user name and password that Brekeke SIP Server/Brekeke PBX can connect to the database with.

Here are examples of Database Driver and URL.

Driver = com.mysql.jdbc.Driver
URL = jdbc:mysql://
<SQL Server>
Driver =
URL = jdbc:sqlserver://
Driver = oracle.jdbc.OracleDriver
URL = jdbc:oracle:thin:@//
Step 5. Initialize a table

Click “Initialize a table” and move on to the “Initialize a table” page. Based on the “CDR Format” in the Settings page, a Create Statement (image below) is automatically created.

To create a table with this statement, click “Create table” button.  To customize the create statement and create table manually, click “Back” button after copy the statement.


Step 6. Restart Brekeke SIP Server/Brekeke PBX

CDR feature runs after restart Brekeke SIP Server or Brekeke PBX. The status can be shown at [SIP SERVER] > [CDR] > [Status] page.


How to customize CDR format?

You can customize CDR format by editing  varialbels at the [CDR Format] field.

For the list of CDR variables, refer to the “Variable for CDR” page.


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