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Configuration for Brekeke SIP Server behind NAT

Brekeke SIP Server is behind NAT (Near-End NAT), what configuration is required?


With UPnP

If your router supports UPnP, you can use it for Behind NAT traversal (Near-End NAT traversal). With UPnP, the Brekeke SIP Server can obtain the WAN IP address of the router and manage the port forwarding.

– If above configurations doesn’t solve the NAT issue, please try the following configuration.

  • Go to Brekeke SIP Server admintool > [Configuration] > [System] > [UPnP]
  • Set the following fields.
    [Enable/Disable] = enable
    [Default router IP address] = < blank > (if this field is blank, Brekeke SIP Server will use the default gateway’s IP address that the machine is using)
    [Cache size] = number of concurrent calls that go through the router X 2


Manual Configuration

If your router doesn’t support UPnP, you need to configure interface address settings and a port forwarding manually. Please use the following settings for manual configuration:

1. In the [Configuration] page > [System], set [Network] as follows.

Item Setting value Explanation
Interface address 1 The WAN IP address of the router IP address or FQDN of the router which can be reached from WAN side.


2. Setting port forwarding at the router is required to ensure NAT traversal to work properly. With proper setting at the router, the Brekeke SIP Server’s listening ports for SIP and RTP are forwarded to the Brekeke SIP Server’s IP address.

Please set the following Brekeke SIP Server’s ports for the port forwarding at the router.

Port Number


Transport Protocol Purpose Set at
5060 UDP and TCP SIP [Configuration] > [SIP] > [Local Port]
10000-29999 UDP RTP [Configuration] > [RTP] > [Minimum Port] and [Maximum Port]


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